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Breeam certification in Forum Gliwice

1 year ago

S.C. FORUM GLIWICE regularly raises the environmental standards of the building, which is reflected in the outstanding results of BREEAM certification. In the latest report by a renowned auditor, the facility received “Outstanding” and “Excellent” ratings in the following categories: Building Management and Asset Performance.

“Thanks to our many years of consistent activities in this area, the building of the center definitely stands out as a plus in the class of facilities with several years of history”, says Patrycja Duczmal, director of S.C. FORUM, on behalf of the managing company MVGM.

The BREEAM certificate is one of the most frequently used methods of assessing buildings in terms of their environmental performance in Europe. It is a facility management tool to improve the investment’s environmental impact. There are many aspects taken into account among the issues assessed in BREEAM certification, including: energy efficiency, water consumption, material and waste management and even the comfort of visitors. Auditors attach great importance to the quality of the investment process.

“At the time of handing over, the building complied with all environmental, ecological and energy standards, but required changes that would optimize the consumption of utilities and improve the building to be more environmentally and customer-friendly”, explains Krzysztof Brzyski, technical director of FORUM S.C., MVGM.

Requirements of BREEAM certification

The facility management, in consultation with the owner, implemented a long-term plan to prepare it for the requirements of BREEAM certification. Investments and upgrades were made, as well as procedures and instructions developed, resulting in a recently received new certificate with the best rating in Building Management and an “Excellent” rating in Asset Performance.

The list of modernizations and investments made included many technical and functional improvements. These are e.g. modernization of lighting (energy-saving LED light sources and motion sensors) and modernization of air handling units (heat exchangers were used). Thanks to the modern metering of the building, tenants can monitor the consumption of utilities on-line. In the sanitary rooms, non-contact taps and urinals as well as toilets with very economical flushing water consumption were installed. Thanks to a modern rainwater recovery system, it is used for watering vegetation and washing the parking lot. It is easier for drivers to find a free space on it thanks to the car assistant system. Automatic awnings on the skylights adapt to the weather conditions. With the safety of the environment in mind, FORUM S.C. automatically monitors any freon leakage.

Among the “sustainable” solutions there are also a free charging station for electric cars and a parking lot for cyclists. The aforementioned activities are the result of a well-thought-out eco-strategy, the basis of which is an environmental policy specially developed for CH FORUM – a document setting out goals to be achieved. Change management is also facilitated by numerous reports and tests that the facility is regularly subjected to. These are e.g. environmental and acoustic report for the facility, building tightness test, thermovision of the facility and roof, as well as tenants’ satisfaction surveys, who also benefit from innovations. “When we compare the ratings in each category over the years, we see their impressive growth in many respects, some to an ideal degree. The greatest improvement was recorded in terms of water management, energy consumption and in terms of the building’s impact on the health and comfort of visitors”, says Patrycja Duczmal. The scale of the positive changes is perfectly reflected in the data on media consumption. Compared to 2008, the consumption of electricity and technological heat is lower by about half, and of drinking water by approx. 20%. Due to investment activities, the energy demand index for the building dropped from 87.2 kWh / sq m / yr to 65.45 kWh / sq m / yr. Despite the very high technological advancement of the building, the manager of FORUM Shopping Center, in consultation with the owner, is also planning further investments this year and in subsequent years. They will include installation of a photovoltaic installation, installation of waterless urinals, increasing the yield of rainwater and increasing the species of vegetation.