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MVGM helps to buy 3D printers

2 months ago

The global coronavirus pandemic has led to shortages of PPE equipment for doctors, nurses and paramedics. However, “necessity is the mother of invention”. The volunteers of FORTIOR – Fundacja dla Wielu, were among the first to adapt snorkelling masks so that they can be used for personal protection by medical staff. In order to continue the project, the organization needs high quality 3D printers. The MVGM team has decided to help with the purchase of the devices.

”The whole initiative, which brings together many organizations, is called #MaskaDlaMedyka or #MaskaDlaMedykaWarszawa. The project is ongoing and we are working with anaesthesiologists and 3D printing specialists to develop a portable ventilator as well as a mobile CPAP respiratory assistant. The challenge is that our foundation does not have its own 3D printer, which unfortunately causes significant delays”, says Anna Jastrzębska, President of the Board, FORTIOR – Fundacja dla Wielu.  

Adapters for snorkelling masks, which were printed as  part of the initiative, are now used in dozens of hospitals across the country, including the largest single-purpose infectious hospital of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw. However, further work is still needed, including the issues of a lack of filters and mobile respirators.

“We have been following the involvement and intensive work of the foundation for some time now. The organization’s team are truly versatile people who are able to provide comprehensive support in many fields, including medical and psychological. Their latest initiative, #MaskaDlaMedyka, is well-known to MVGM employees and we all strongly support the foundation so that it can continue to develop. This is why we made the unanimous decision to make a donation that will help to purchase two high quality printers and a filament – the material used in the process of spatial printing”, explains Virginie de Baere, Managing Director, MVGM Poland.

FORTIOR – Fundacja dla Wielu is an organization that creates initiatives including the  “Medics on the Street” project. The project’s purpose is to provide medical assistance to homeless people in Warsaw. Through this initiative, a special ambulance was purchased and is on duty every Monday and Friday. All people participating in the project are professionals (doctors, paramedics, psychologists, nurses, lawyers, etc.) who work as volunteers, and on a completely pro-bono basis.