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Okrąglak and Kwadraciak – office icons taken over by MVGM

5 months ago

Warsaw 5th May 2021One of the most recognisable office buildings in Poznan are managed by MVGM, the leading company that specializes in property management. This is the fourth facility belonging to Sharow Capital, after Opera Office in Gdansk, Forum 76 in Lodz and Diamentum Office in Wrocław, which has extended the MVGM portfolio.

Okrąglak and Kwadraciak, the most distictive office buildings in the city, are located in the very center of Poznań. Okrąglak, built in 1955 and refurbished in 2012, offers 7,000 sq m. of modern lease space, 800 sq m. of which are retail premises.  Kwadraciak, an A-class office building located in the immediate vicinity offers 950 sqm. of space, 850 sq m of which is dedicated to office, and 100 sq m. to retail.

“We are all delighted that Sharow Capital has trusted us once again and appointed us to manage two of the most important buildings in the Poznań office market. Thanks to close cooperation with the Fund, MVGM will plan and deliver a first class management strategy, strengthen relationships with existing tenants and ensure high performance of operating activities in managed properties. We will also work on customizing the offer to the needs of the future tenants representing various industries”, says Katarzyna Jaśkiewicz, Client Account Director  MVGM.

Okrąglak and Kwadraciak are excellently located in the centre of Poznań, near the Old Town and the railway station. The buildings have excellent visablity and incredible accessibility by public transport. Both facilities are very well recognized by the city’s residents and visitors. Okrąglak offers an access to an amazing 360° panoramic terrace which is a big attraction both for tenants and their guests. Kwadraciak, opened in 2012, is a perfect completion to Okrąglak. Numerous glazings of the square façade provide plenty of natural light and the structure of the building allows for any interior arrangement.

“It is important to note that Okraglak is percived as an icon of Poznan which combines historical value with modern, top-class office space. The building is entered into the register of monuments. Together with Kwiadraciak, they are part of the business centre of Poznan which has recently emerged as one the most recognisable places in the city.  Such properties with history and modernist architecture are unique in Poland. I‘am even more happy that those two buildings have extended our management portfolio”, summarizes Łukasz Mazurczak, Managing Director MVGM.