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Saule Technologies has launched the production line of revolutionary perovskite photovoltaics

1 year ago

Saule Technologies has launched the production line of revolutionary perovskite photovoltaics – printed, flexible, ultra-thin and ultra-light. It is a unique technology, and the first one in the world of its kind.

On the same day, the company signed cooperation agreements worth EUR 250 million.

A dream about ultrathin, light-weight, flexible, sustainable and efficient solar cells finally came true. On  21st of May in Wrocław, Poland, Saule Technologies, a world leader in research into next-generation, perovskite-based photovoltaic cells, opened the first perovskite photovoltaic cells factory in the world. Saule Technologies is the first company in the world to enter the commercialization phase of this  promising technology.

– Almost six years have passed since with the financial help of Japanese entrepreneur Hideo Sawada, we started a project aimed at making the production line of perovskite photovoltaic cells. I am happy and  proud that after the long-term stage of research, tests and hard work today we are entering the implementation phase. I believe that perovskite solar cells will help change the world for the better. It  brings hope for affordable green energy for everyone and stopping climate change – says Olga  Malinkiewicz, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Saule Technologies.

The innovative photovoltaic cells generate energy both from the sun and from artificial light. They can be  applied literally everywhere – on price labels, facades of buildings, satellites in space etc.

– This is a milestone in photovoltaics and a technological breakthrough for many industries. Due to its unique properties, perovskite cells can be used wherever the traditional silicon cells can’t: on the roofs of  buildings with a light construction, on the windows, on TIR tarpaulins, on the bodywork of vehicles, sails,  tents, laptop enclosures, even drones and IoT devices – explains Piotr Krych, CEO and co-founder of  Saule Technologies.

Obvious areas of application are BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics) and BAPV (Building Attached  Photovoltaics). It was the main reason Columbus Energy S.A – a provider of services in the field of modern  energy and the largest distributor of photovoltaic installations in Poland – has invested 10 million euros in  the development of Saule Technologies, becoming the largest shareholder of the company and acquiring  the right of priority purchase of products based on perovskite cells.

– Since 1839, when Edmond Becquerel constructed the first photovoltaic cell, in the history of  photovoltaics there were not many breakthroughs of equal importance, such as starting the production of  perovskite cells. We can boldly say that on May 21, 2021, a new era had begun: era of photovoltaics 2.0 –  comments Dawid Zieliński, president of Columbus Energy S.A.

On the opening day of the perovskite photovoltaic cells factory, Saule Technologies, along with Columbus  Energy S.A., signed three-way cooperation agreements with the MVGM Group, a leader in commercial  real estate management, acting on 10 European markets. The value of the investment portfolio within the  signed contracts is EUR 250 million.

The beginning of cooperation with Saule and Columbus is a strategic step in further development of our competences and services in the area of sustainable development. The technology, which thanks to our cooperation will be introduced on the commercial real estate market, will allow for popularization of alternative, renewable energy sources. It will generate savings on energy purchases. Finally, it will lower the carbon footprint. We are more pleased that MVGM discussions have led to the finalization of such important decisions for climate protection. Another success of these discussions is the fact that the solutions offered use the latest available technology provided by Saule. Our customers will have access to the most innovative and efficient renewable energy solutions in the world – comments Agnieszka Nowak, Managing Director of MVGM.

About the factory

The factory of perovskite photovoltaics opened by Saule Technologies occupies an area of approx. 5000  m². Currently, the factory includes the pilot production line, which allows the replication of all the laboratory processes in a fully automated manner. The first application of the produced perovskite photovoltaic modules will be to power IoT devices. In the meantime, parallel works on establishing a highly  efficient industrial line were already initiated, aiming for a capacity of 100 MW.

About Saule S.A.

Saule Technologies is a Polish company, created in 2014 by physicist Olga Malinkiewicz and  businessmen Piotr Krych and Artur Kupczunas. Currently, the company employs a team of dozens of  scientists, engineers and administrative staff from nearly 20 countries, who have developed the world’s  first production line of printed perovskite photovoltaic cells. This innovative photovoltaic solution allows  you to generate energy from both the sun and from artificial light, which is why it can be used in many  spaces and utility areas.

About Columbus Energy SA

Columbus Energy S.A. is a leading provider of services on the modern energy market in Poland. The company offers comprehensive solutions in the field of renewable energy for households and business and  implements long-term investments in photovoltaic farms. Columbus Energy SA It is the highest valued  company on the NewConnect market. The annual, dynamic increase in the revenues of the Company  places it among the largest shareholders of the photovoltaic market in Poland.