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Technical and Project Management

Our team in Poland offers end-to-end technical services, from supervising the building safety to managing providers’ work. Our experts ensure that all procedures and activities undertaken in the building comply with the latest quality certificates, the requirements of relevant public institutions and market standards.

Our services:

  • Tendering maintenance contracts and making recommendation of the best outsource providers in terms of price and quality of service,
  • Supervising and controlling the work of outsourced service providers,
  • Regular inspection and control of installations and technical equipment.
  • Supervising the organization, efficient and planned performance of works
  • Keeping technical records (including the building) as required by the Building Law,
  • Project management of any works of repair in the property
  • Advising Owner of any issues related to upgrading technical condition of the asset
  • Care over efficient performance of all inspections and implementation of comments and orders specified in inspection reports
  • Controlling and monitoring all technical systems, in particular the fire prevention and alarm systems
  • Liaising with Tenants’ representatives and implementing tenant fit-out works at the Tenants’ units.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact our team.